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The probiotic for breastfeeding moms

Elactia is the probiotic for breastfeeding moms clinically shown to promote breast health during lactation

Beneficial for mom & baby

Naturally found in breastmilk, Elactia’s L. fermentum restores & maintains a healthy balance of protective breast bacteria important for mom and baby

Relief for breast discomfort

Elactia eases breast discomfort associated with lactation, making breastfeeding more comfortable for mom

Promotes healthy lactation

As a breastfeeding supplement, take Elactia daily to reduce the risk & recurrence of breastfeeding discomfort and promote healthy lactation

Safe & gentle

Elactia’s L. fermentum is the first certified organic probiotic, gluten-free, non-GMO, no artificial colors or flavors

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Probiotic supplement, 30 capsules