Innovative. Visionary. Passionate.

Everidis Health Sciences is a leader in a new class of health-science companies. Our mission at Everidis is to advance the role of nutrition in health care management.

While many businesses reflect the personalities of their founders, not every founder creates a business so dynamic and forward-thinking that it changes the very landscape of its market environment. It takes a special leader to fundamentally shake up an industry, and Everidis Health Sciences’ founder, Jennifer Cherry, is just such a leader.

Jennifer is a fourth generation pharmaceutical/nutraceutical innovator with a singular passion: make people healthier. Jennifer saw beyond basic nutrition to envision the potential in the emerging field of science-based nutritional therapies; with that Everidis was born. Everidis seeks to change the way we approach the management of health by routinely incorporating safe, science-based nutritional therapies with proven benefit into medical care. It is this evolution in the management of health that will better address the health care needs of the 21st century.

Today, our brands are recommended by health care professionals across the globe. We offer a range of nutritional solutions encompassing a number of categories including Prenatal & Postnatal Care, Pediatrics, Gastrointestinal Health, Oral Health, Women’s Health, Obesity and Inherited Metabolic Disorders. Our goal to help make people healthier now goes hand in hand with setting a new standard in the management of health.