Everidis Business Development

Welcome to Everidis Health Sciences – Your Entry to the US Nutrition Market.

Since Everidis Health Sciences was founded, partnering with companies who share our commitment to advancing the role of nutrition in health care management has been an integral part of our growth strategy. By focusing on our mission to deliver safe, science-based nutritional therapies with proven benefit, we have successfully cultivated strategic alliances to identify, develop and commercialize unique nutritional therapies that address unmet health needs.

To build on our success, we are actively seeking new strategic partnerships to bring to market innovative nutritional and OTC products. Specifically, we are looking for in-licensing, co-marketing, co-promotion or business acquisition opportunities. With operations based in St. Louis, Missouri, we can facilitate the introduction and distribution of products throughout the US market.

Everidis Health Sciences has the extensive experience and capabilities necessary for success. If you have a product or product concept for the US market, we’d be delighted to discuss potential business opportunities.

Jennifer Cherry
Chief Executive Officer