BioGaia Baby eases occasional constipation and helps your baby stay regular.*

BioGaia Baby eases occasional constipation and helps your baby stay regular.*

Most healthy babies have occasional constipation during their first year of life. The reduced bowel movements often start when changing from breast milk to formula or with the introduction of solid food. BioGaia is the safe and gentle way to ease your baby’s constipation and promote regularity.*

A Healthy Microbiota = Healthy Poops

Today researchers believe one of the keys to having regular, effortless bowel movements is having a healthy gastrointestinal microbiota filled with good bacteria. The microbiota has a direct influence on gastrointestinal (GI) motility. which is the movement of food through the digestive tract and out of the body. When GI motility is affected, food moves through the digestive tract too slow and occasional constipation occurs.

Ease Constipation with BioGaia*

BioGaia is the safe and gentle solution for babies’ constipation.* By strengthening and reinforcing the good bacteria in a baby’s digestive tract, BioGaia promotes good GI motility and eases occasional constipation.*

– Clinically shown to increase the number of daily bowel movement in healthy infants with occasional constipation*
– When supplemented daily, can help babies stay regular*
– Can safely be used as a long term solution*

BioGaia works in older kids with occasional constipation too.*

Can I Use Any Probiotic to Help with Occasional Constipation?

No, not all probiotics have been shown to help babies with occasional constipation. In fact, BioGaia has been clinically shown to help infants, children and adults with occasional constipation.*